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I've always loved Hermès bracelets. The Clic bracelets to be exact, so when I got my first Clic in August of 2013, I had no idea that I was about to get into some deep trouble and purchase a second about a year and a half later! It's something about the bracelet that is just so classic and elegant that makes me want to add more into my small collection. They are a major staple piece, whether I'm dressed up or down, and are worn frequently. I've been asked a couple of questions in regards to the sizing, colors and hardwares that are available, so this post is dedicated to answering just that! Read more to get some information on these beautiful pieces!

My first clic that was purchased was this beautiful coral color. The color is Rouge Coral with silver palladium hardware. Normally, I'm someone who tends to gravitate towards gold, as that is the hardware I find myself wearing most often. But this bracelet was too gorgeous, I just had to have it. I personally feel like a lot of people tend to keep their first purchases simple and get either white or black, but I really felt like switching things up and getting an actual color that would stand out. 
There are two sizes for the bracelets, PM and GM. Just for a reference, I am 5"2' and I'm a relatively skinny girl with small wrists. The PM is the perfect size because it's not too tight but it's not too loose either. The PM bracelet measures: 2.25" diameter, 7.5" circumference, 0.5" wide. For a GM size: 2.5" diameter, 8" circumference, 0.5" wide. 
My most recent purchase is the black on black H bracelet. I fell in love with it the second I saw it online and I knew I needed it. Last week, I took another trip to Hermès to make my second purchase. As far as pricing is concerned, the Rouge Coral was priced at $610. After tax, it was about $664. However, I believe that there was a price increase and these bracelets now retail for about $650 before tax. The Black/Black bracelets tend to retail for a little more. Before tax, the bracelet is $740. After tax, it's about $805. I absolutely adore these bracelets, as they are by far my favorite jewelry pieces that I own. I also love the wide array of colors that these bracelets come in, these two just so happen to be my favorite. What are yours? Until next time!

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