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So far for the past month I've had my eye on a couple of items. I'm constantly stocking up on sweaters for the fall/winter and I absolutely adore this sweater from Aritzia. It's perfect for those long days in school when all I wanna do is curl up in a ball and sleep during my lectures. I've been living in my black Topshop skinnies lately, so of course why not stock up on some new ones? These Citizens of Humanity jeans are seriously calling me. OTK boots were literally all the rage last fall and this time I really want a pair. These Stuart Weitzman boots are ridiculously gorgeous, however, I managed to find a cheaper alternative as well as a dupe for the Lowlands, available at Aldo. Vianel has some amazing leather goods so I would really like to get my hands on this card holder. Diptyque candles are highly spoken of, so I would like to try them out to see what the hype is all about. 

Until next time!
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"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." - Coco Chanel

So I kind of did something on Friday that was rather..unexpected. I was debating on whether or not I actually wanted to go through with this for about two weeks and up until yesterday, I finally decided to do it. I really just wanted to do something different so after going through some hair inspo, I decided on a short cut. I was hesitant because I wasn't sure I could pull it off, but I absolutely love it! 

Until next time!
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It's been years since I've visited the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. As a kid I used to love whenever my mom took me here to run around in the park. So after incessant nagging, I finally got my mother to bring me back just like old times. We found ourselves shopping at Loft taking advantage of their Labor Day sale, then a quick lunch at Dellarocco's (their pizza is delish!) Afterward, we headed over to the promenade and enjoyed the day with some ice cream. Read more for additional shots!




Upon our arrival to Bermuda we were greeted with, sad to say, terrible weather. However, that did not stop us from enjoying our vacation and visiting this famous beach. Although there was a ton of rain and clouds that were so dark it was almost as if it was night time (except for the above photo. This was taken on a different day), I managed to get just a few shots in. Famous for its clear blue water and pink sand, I eagerly, and carefully, made my way down the hill onto this beautiful beach. I cannot stress how gorgeous this place really is. Hands down my favorite place in Bermuda. Enjoy!


Just some shots taken one night while at sea. This night was definitely one for the books as my mother, brother and myself had a very... interesting night in one of the lounges. By far the funniest night on board. I fell in love with this blouse from Abercrombie & Fitch, which was weird considering I haven't purchased anything from them since high school. It's nice to see how much they've changed since the graphic tees and moose logo polo days. As per usual, I live in ripped jeans so these were quickly paired with this blouse and my favorite Zara sandals.

Bermuda VLOG

I'm back you guys! I can't believe how fast this week has gone by! It seems like just yesterday I left *crying face* but I'm finally home and I'm excited to share with you my trip to Bermuda. I had such an amazing time. Norwegian Cruise Line never seems to disappoint. I first took a trip with them in August of 2010 to Florida and the Bahamas on the Norwegian Jewel. A year later, my family and I took the same trip, on the same ship, yet again. So many memories were made, we just couldn't resist taking another vacation with the crew members again. 

The Breakaway is a fairly new ship that first sailed out in 2013 going to Nassau, Bahamas. This ship is absolutely beautiful. 678 Ocean Place is a gorgeous three floor area filled with bars, restaurants and shops and is beautifully decorated with a chandelier so breathtaking, I literally stared at it every time I passed by. I cannot wait until the next time I am able to sail with Norwegian Breakaway again. 

(be sure to change the video to HD so the quality is better!) Until next time!

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b a s i c s

Just a quick outfit of the day before I leave. I'm so excited for our trip! Today was just a day of running quick errands, yet again, for our trip. I live in basic tees, such as this one, whenever I'm running around. Of course, distressed denim is a major weakness of mine, so these jeans specifically have been on heavy rotation. 

Well, that's all for now! I'm sorry I don't have a super elaborate post, I've just been so busy. *sad face* However, I promise that as soon as I get back from Bermuda you guys will be seeing a couple of pretty great posts. 

P.S. please don't mind my juice box. McDonald's didn't anymore orange juice and this was the only apple juice they had. Until next time, my loves!
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Currently Coveting: Summer 2015

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Hey guys! I haven't done a Currently Coveting post in a while, so I figured why not do one now? After my "weekcation" (a.k.a a vacation that was only a week, I'm corny, I know) in Pennsylvania, my family decided to go on another vacation at the ending of July. So I know I've been MIA again, but I've just been doing last minute things and whatnot. I will try to get some stuff up before I leave this Sunday (7.26). I'll be going on a cruise to Bermuda!! We're traveling with Norwegian Cruise Line so I'm very excited! We've cruised with them two times before and absolutely loved the time onboard, so I'm almost 100% certain we're going to enjoy our time yet again. 

I currently have my eye on some items that are perfect for the summer, with the exception of one. I've linked where you can purchase these items above, just in case any of you are curious! 

I love Ray-Bans and these club masters are adorable. I especially love the gold detailing. You guys know my obsession with black and gold. 

These One Teaspoon shorts are too cute. Again, you guys know how much I love distressed denim, so these shorts are definitely on my list. I also adore the brands jeans in general. Seriously, they are so cute, you guys should definitely check them out.

I'm not a huge fan of gladiator sandals, but these Schutz shoes were just screaming "buy. me." So I may or may not, I'd have to see how they look on feet but depending on how that goes, I might just become a lover of gladiator shoes.

With my 21st birthday slowly but surely approaching I'm on the hunt for the perfect bag that'll memorialize that special day. I have a few bags in mind but this Céline bag is really starting to stand out to me more. 

Lastly, this Soap & Glory body butter is something that I would really like to get my hands on. I've read so many reviews and watched videos reviewing the product and I'm leaning towards purchasing it. If anyone has tried this or any Soap & Glory products, let me know in the comments! I'd love some feedback or suggestions!

That's all for now guys! As stated before, I'm hoping to get some more posts up before I leave but I promise as soon as I get back there will definitely be some posts up from my trip. I'm so excited guys! Until next time!

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I'm back in Pennsylvania for the Fourth of July and I couldn't be more excited. I'm officially done with my Summer session classes and I'm ready to finally get my Summer vacation started. I haven't seen my family since the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight so it's been a while and I've definitely missed them. I'm definitely excited for this Summer and I have a bunch of plans for my blog. I know I've neglected it for about a month (my bad, you guys) but I promise I'm back! 
For a quick dinner at Texas Roadhouse I decided to keep things casual. As usual, my love for distressed denim and lace will absolutely never fade away, so this Aritzia top is officially my favorite for the summer. Read more for additional shots as well as where you can purchase similar items!


What a beautiful weekend it has been! The weather was just absolutely amazing and I was able to spend a short amount of time in one of my favorite parts of Brooklyn. Having been born and raised here, DUMBO has been a place that I kind of like to call home. Many Saturday nights have been spent here as a kid so I've had a long time to fully embrace and love this very special area. 
 I love boyfriend shirts. No seriously. I love them. They are by far the comfiest shirts ever created and after making this purchase at GAP, I may just have to stock up on more for the summer. They are extremely lightweight and airy, so they are beyond perfect for the Spring/Summer. Paired with these J Brand jeans (obsessed) and my Chanel espadrilles for a more relaxed look, I was ready to go out and about. Read more for additional shots as well as where you can purchase similar items!


Not to long ago, Wolford, the leading luxury brand of pantyhose, hosiery, tights and legwear, had reached out to me and sent me these gorgeous tights (which you can purchase here at I was very excited upon receiving them and I absolutely adore the zig-zag detail on the back of these tights. Continue reading for additional shots and where you can find similar items for this outfit!

Spring Time in NYC

What beautiful weather we were having on Saturday here in NYC. 70+ degrees and I couldn't have been more excited. I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and wear a dress for the first time this season. I'll admit, I haven't done any Spring shopping, hence this black dress, but I like to believe I made up for it with my cardigan, or at least tried to anyway LOL. Paired with these gorgeous Steve Madden sandals, I was good to go! Read more for additional shots as well as where you can purchase similar items!


Spring Must Haves

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Hey guys! Just a quick outfit of the day for 2/16. My family and I decided to do some sightseeing around Tennessee, so I kept my outfit super simple, but made sure it was comfy. I've been obsessed with turtlenecks this winter season, so of course, I made sure I packed a ton of them for my trip here. This Banana Republic turtleneck is one of my favorites because it's not tight fitting around the neck like most turtlenecks are. Paired with dark wash jeans, my Tory Burch riding boots and my favorite Aritzia blanket scarf, I was set for the day. Read more for additional shots and where you can shop this look or similar items! Until next time!

Leather & Louboutins

Hey guys! It's been a while since I last posted, but I'm here! School has just started back up so trying to post has gotten a little difficult. I'm trying my hardest though! A little over a year ago my family booked a trip for us to visit Tennessee and here I am. We arrived at the resort last night around 8pm and it is absolutely beautiful out here! It's definitely different from New York, which is taking some time to get used to, but I'm enjoying the time here so far. Today was no special occasion, but that didn't stop me from pulling out my Christian Louboutins for the shoot. About a week ago Rachel Turzer of Kora Rae reached out to me and sent me some beautiful pieces. Worn here is her Christina top in black, which you can purchase here! I absolutely adore this top and decided to pair it with these leather leggings from She Inside. This blanket scarf from Aritzia has been a huge staple piece of mine for the winter as it is the biggest and warmest scarf I own. Read more to see additional shots and details as to where you can purchase these items!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For Him & Her

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For Him: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Hey guys! With Valentine's Day coming up I figured I would do a quick gift guide to help you shop for your significant other. Before I begin, let me just say that this is simply a guide. It does not mean that you need to purchase these specific items. If that is something that you would like to do, by all means, do it! If not, that's okay, there are plenty of alternatives. This is just to help you guys out a little. I know when it comes to shopping for my boyfriend it can get a little difficult for me because I never know what to get him. 99.9% of the time I end up just buying him whatever sneaker he is currently coveting. There are a variety of items in this gift guide, so you have plenty of options to choose from whether it be clothes, jewelry, sneakers, etc. Above, you will find the links to the items that are present in this guide. However, if you wish to go a different route but want to keep it in the same category, I do suggest surfing those sites that they will direct you to. Hopefully this helps! If there are any questions, feel free to leave them in a comment below or just ask via Instagram! Have a great day! Until next time!
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New In: Hermès

I've always loved Hermès bracelets. The Clic bracelets to be exact, so when I got my first Clic in August of 2013, I had no idea that I was about to get into some deep trouble and purchase a second about a year and a half later! It's something about the bracelet that is just so classic and elegant that makes me want to add more into my small collection. They are a major staple piece, whether I'm dressed up or down, and are worn frequently. I've been asked a couple of questions in regards to the sizing, colors and hardwares that are available, so this post is dedicated to answering just that! Read more to get some information on these beautiful pieces!