New In: Chanel

After spending months and months, maybe even a little over a year, lusting over these shoes, I finally have them! These were actually gifted to me by my boyfriend for my birthday and I seriously cannot thank him enough. I had been on the hunt for the Chanel Espadrilles for quite some time, but never seemed to get lucky in terms of any boutiques having my size available. I had either called too early or just missed the woman who purchased the last 36 that was available. With that being said, I kind of just gave up, although they were still all I could think about. My boyfriend told me that he wanted to purchase these shoes for me as a birthday present, even though I was a little hesitant, I agreed. After searching countless pages on the Chanel Espadrille forum on PurseForum, someone finally mentioned that the Chanel on 57th street in Manhattan had just received a shipment. I called the next morning to see if my size was still available, and luckily for me it was the last one in stock! The SA was kind enough to hold the pair for me until I arrived at the store. I am beyond excited to finally have these shoes in my collection. Continue reading for shots of the shoes, along with a quick review!

As you can see they are a double sole and not the single sole that was once released. At first, I wasn't too crazy about the fact that they added an additional sole, but after seeing them in person and on feet, it really isn't that bad. 

As far as sizing is concerned, I was actually in between sizes. Being a 36 in Christian Louboutin and Saint Laurent, as well as a true 6 in every other designer, I was sure the 36 would fit me perfectly fine. However, having a narrow foot and a small gap on the sides made me question if the 36 was the right fit for me. I tried on the 35 and it was just way too tight. After walking around, I decided that the 36 was my best bet. 

All in all, the shoe is extremely comfortable and definitely a plus for all day wear. With a butter soft leather lining on the inside, it doesn't even feel like a canvas shoe. I highly recommend them. Until next time!