August: Currently Coveting

As many of you will soon start to see, I am someone who is constantly on the lookout for something new to add to my closet. Whether they be statement pieces, an update in my wardrobe, legitimate necessities, or just something that I desperately want. This month I've had my eye on a couple of items. Read more to see what's been grabbing my attention!

For quite some time I've been searching for the perfect black bag. But not just any black bag, I really wanted something that wasn't slouchy, or had a bowling bag type of look. I wanted it to make a statement. Not too flashy, but not your typical plain jane bag. I saw the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour for the first time a long time ago and decided that this was the bag I wanted, but was hesitant because I'm a very indecisive person and thought, well what if I find something else that I like? I've come across quite a few bags in that time and none have ever really sparked my interest. I absolutely love the versatility of this bag and the fact that I have an option to wear it one of two ways: a top handle so I can either carry it in my hand or carry it on my forearm, or as a cross body. Now, I'm not someone who wears cross bodies often, but if I'm super tired or the weight of my purse becomes too much I'd really like to have that option.

I'm a huge fan of dark wash denim. I honestly think every woman should have a pair (or two..or three) of dark wash jeans in their closet. Now that school is just around the corner it's about time I stock up on some new pairs for the fall semester. These Rag & Bone jeans are absolutely perfect.

Now that I've finally decided to take the plunge and start up my blog, I need a camera! For now I'll be using what I have but I definitely need a new/better one for my future blog posts.

I love, love, love trench coats! I remember hating them as a kid and thought they were hideous but after purchasing my first trench from New York & Company a little over a year ago (maybe two years?) I want a new one. This time, in a nice beige/tan color. I'm loving this Burberry, but of course I'm sure I can find a cheaper substitute that looks just as great.

For those of you who don't know, I have a boyfriend and this month on the 17th we'll be celebrating our anniversary. We've been together for, soon to be, 4 years and I couldn't be more excited. I absolutely love my boyfriend more than anything and I'm glad that I can say we've been together for this long. For the special occasion, I've been looking at cute, fun dresses that I could wear. I came across this one from Lulu's and absolutely fell in love. I'm thinking this may be the one for our special day!